Choosing the right window treatment that is suitable for your home’s interior design décor is a big decision that must be taken conscientiously. Since different window treatments can have varying effects on your space, there are critical considerations that you need to make, and many options to weigh in order to get it right the first time. Here are reasons why you should invest in Hunter Douglas roller shades from JC Licht when replacing your existing window covering:


There is a wider range of roller shades options from Hunter Douglas compared to other window treatment alternatives such as shutters and blinds. When you choose to work with shutters and blinds, your options are fairly limited. Millions of Americans are always looking for window treatments, especially during spring. According to a survey conducted by Statista in spring 2017, 31.07 million Americans live in homes that purchased drapes and blinds among other window treatments in the past 12 months.

The shades category is arguably too broad that your options are boundless. Moreover, the Hunter Douglas roller shadesare quite different when compared to Roman shades, which look and feel different from cellular and woven wood shades. So, regardless of your window coverings or treatment requirements, you will get roller shades that are a perfect fit for your home. You don’t have to compromise on your interior design décor when choosing a style and design for your home because there is virtually every customized design for every homeowner.


Having sufficient layers of insulation on your windows that can block sunlight from getting into your living room and raising temperatures is another way of cutting costs on energy. Therefore, it is cheaper to purchase Hunter Douglas roller shades than investing in solar panels or turning off your thermostat. These roller shades are designed to make your home energy efficient.


Some window coverings are operated using cords, which poses a safety hazard to your children and pets. However, with the Hunter Douglas roller shades that can be installed in various non-corded options, you don’t have to worry about such risks. In addition, Hunter Douglas Screen Shades are designed to block the harmful UV rays from entering your rooms, and thus protecting you and your family from sun damage.

Clean look

Some shades can look messy and make your spaces feel murky. You can choose the right option of Hunter Douglas roller shades that will perfectly conceal the fabric roll and clutch at the top of your window treatment. This allows for a clean and aesthetically pleasing view.



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