Not known by many of you, India is now a rising hub in medical tourism.

Reasons are all the world-class facilities, veteran panel and highly skilled speciality doctors.

And you know what the best part is?

All the medical treatments at extremely affordable cost. Yes, you heard it right!

There is ample amount of techniques available for your neurosurgery. Along, with providing you with the best neurosurgeons in India.

Strangely enough, the success rate of neurosurgeries performed in India very often exceed the international standards.

India has over 2000 hospitals which provides us with the basic kind of services. But when we talk restrict to the top hospitals, it runs down to near about 200. These hospitals are acquainted with a team of highly skilled doctors and experienced Neurosurgeons who perform surgeries at affordable cost as already stated above.

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Now, Ill brief you with few reasons for choosing India over other countries for your Neurosurgery:

  1. Affordable Cost.
  2. Advance Technology.
  3. Expert Neurosurgeons.
  4. Waiting period for your consultation.
  5. Services.
  6. Amenities provided.
  1. Affordable cost: When we compared all the western countries, we found India a place which will provide you with the best Neurosurgeons at a very affordable cost.
  1. Advance Technology: When it comes to India, it is no less when comparison comes to technology. It serves every patient with the best advanced equipment’s for MRI scan, CT scan, dedicated X- Knife, computer assisted neurosurgery.
  1. Expert Neurosurgeons: A High success rate in neurology or neurosurgery is only possible when you have the best group of doctors. Indian neurosurgeons hold years of experience and are highly qualified in varied neurosurgery fields. 

  1. Waiting period for your consultation: All the Top-Notch Hospitals in India have many operations theatres and ample trained professionals which makes an ease for multiple surgeries to happen in parallel process. Hence, results in less/no waiting period for consultation. 
  1. Services: Nothing else you need when your staffs in hospitals make you feel home. They ensure you to provide facilities like accommodation and waiting rooms for patient’s family, translations services and much more. 
  1. Amenities provided: In India, they also take care of the quick visa letters, health diet advised by your neurosurgeon, vacation tour etc.

 Some of the key benefits of neurosurgery in India:

Now to begin with Neurosurgery benefits in India, there are many, and a portion of the key advantages include:

  • High-tech operation theatres to do diverse surgical procedures which also includes the Carotid Artery Disease treatment in India.
  • Moreover, India has the Best group of neurosurgeons and medicinal services specialists which holds years of experience and exposure from India as well as multiple foreign countries.
  • Achieving High success rate of the neurosurgery in India at standard universal gauges.
  • Getting World class diagnostics from topmost organizations like Siemens and GE.
  • Reasonable neurosurgery cost in India along with maintaining the quality of services.

Countries from where patients travel to India for their neurosurgery are as follows:

  • Kenya
  • Ethiopia
  • Sri Lanka
  • Zambia
  • Nepal
  • Bangladesh
  • Pakistan
  • Uganda
  • Nigeria
  • Tanzania
  • Canada
  • UK
  • USA

 Neurosurgeons in India are nationally and internationally known expertise in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of brain and spine disorders which includes brain tumors, neurovascular injuries, spinal cord surgery, pediatric neurosurgery etc.

Coming to neurosurgery hospitals in India. They provide 24/7 care for all neurological injuries. In addition, the added advantage lies in the fact that these centres are fully equipped to deal with any kind of neurological emergencies round the clock.

 I hope this article helped you in knowing some unknown facts about Indian neurosurgeons and various neurosurgery treatments.

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