There are numerous solutions to hair loss that are better than wigs. This is a very old-fashioned method of obscuring hair loss and it should be avoided for a few reasons:

  • Wigs can slip off from your head if the weather is bad.
  • Wigs can be ill-fitting because they are usually designed with a “one size fits all” approach.
  • Wigs can start to fray and become damaged.

A wise approach to hair loss is to have some hair extensions supplied by Hair Solved and put into your scalp. You have complete control over this process because you can choose the colour and the individual style of the extensions that are going to be put in.

  • Extensions Last Longer Than Wigs

Extensions are much more durable than traditional wigs. You will be able to comb, style and wash the extensions without having a bad feeling that they are going to fall out. In contrast, you will not be able to style a wig and you will have to take it off before you decide to have a shower.

Extensions clearly have an advantage over traditional wigs in this department.

  • Extensions Look Much More Stylish Than Wigs

When you have your hair loss treated, you want to look as stylish as possible. Wigs can often look unstylish and functional, especially because you won’t be able to cut them afterwards. Extensions are infinitely more stylish than wigs and you will have an infinite amount of choice.

  • Extensions Usually Are Cheaper Than Wigs

Wigs are not in fashion like they used to be because hair loss technology has become much more advanced than in the past. Wig sellers need to sell their products at inflated prices in order to make a living.

In contrast, extensions are much more in demand, so the prices are reasonable. You are not going to break the bank when you have some hair extensions put in and you will then be able to spend money on other things that you enjoy.

  • Extensions Are Going To Look Much More Natural Than Wigs

When you have hair loss treatment, you want the new hair to blend in and look like you have not had any treatment at all. This is understandable because it will help you to regain your confidence in next to no time at all.

  • Extensions Will Stay In Place Even When The Weather Is Bad

The wig might blow off your head when the weather is extremely bad. This is embarrassing and will be a situation that you desperately want to avoid. You will be pleased to know that you are not going to be faced with this issue when you have some extensions installed.

The extensions will remain in place even when it is raining heavily or the wind is blowing.


Extensions are better than wigs for dealing with hair loss. Hair extensions are going to be more secure and cheaper than a wig. Hair extensions will be better fitting and more stylish.

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