You might have heard about bone marrow somewhere or the other in medical terms but do you know what does that mean? It is a spongy tissue that is found in the bones that contain immature or stem cells in them. The stem cells later developed into red blood cells and then it carries oxygen throughout the body cells. These cells also carry white blood cells throughout the body that are known to fight off infections and help in blood clotting.

Who all need a bone marrow transplant?

Generally, an oncologist advises for a bone marrow transplant, and not everyone can be advised to undergo the bone marrow transplant. It is undertaken generally during the four cases including leukaemia or blood cancer, thalassemia or sickle cell anaemia, myeloma, and patients with immunodeficiency.

What is bone marrow transplantation?

The process of bone marrow transplant is certainly not as easy as one has to undergo high doses of radiation and chemotherapy sessions. These sessions are enough to destroy the defective stem cells in the body, and the donor can be chosen from the respective family of the patient or any unrelated children. In some of the cases, the stem cells are preserved from before so that they can be used later in life during any health problems.

There are numerous risks involved in undergoing the bone marrow transplantation as well, and only a few people get a chance to get through the procedures and live a long life. Bone marrow transplantations are of various types, and some of them include autologous bone marrow transplant and the Allogenic transplantation.

What is autologous bone marrow transplantation?

It is the self-donated bone marrow transplant where high doses of radiation and chemotherapy and then the patient’s collected stem cells are involved. The oncologists or the best bone marrow transplant doctors in India treat the patients with chemotherapy doses to wash off the cancer cells from the roots. Here the patient himself is the donor, and the advantage of this procedure is that the patient does not have to suffer from the complications of host or graft diseases.

What is allogenic bone marrow transplantation?

It is also known as the donor transplant, and like the autologous bone marrow transplantation, high doses of chemotherapy is involved in this treatment procedure. After the chemotherapy treatment, the donor blood cells are infused in the patient. In this case, the donor has first to undergo the process of cell mobilization, and the best bone marrow transplant doctors in India are supposed to take the tissue from those that match with the patient.

This is important because of the closer the tissue; the results are positive. There are two types of allogenic bone marrow transplant surgeries the related donor and matched unrelated donor. The bone marrow transplant is certainly the only solution for the patients with cancer, and it is true that the process also involves life-threatening risks as well. But, if the procedure gets successful, the patient can lead a long and healthy life.

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