Diet shakes and supplements are a major trend in weight loss and fitness these days. You’ve seen people walking around the workplace or the gym, bottle of shake in hand and looking pleased with themselves. But what good does that little shake do, you wonder? Well, here’s a taste of what these shakes can do for you and your healthy eating plan.

A healthy alternative to carbs

This is a good starting point because for most people on a diet cutting down on carbohydrates is the primary concern. People go through so much trouble and spend an absolute fortune on alternative foods that contain little to no carbohydrates, and they constantly complain about the taste and how long it’s taking to see results. But with diet shakes and supplements you can replace your carbs with protein and speed up your weight loss.

The trick to replacing carbs with protein is that where carbs burn up to provide you with energy extremely quickly, protein converts to energy much slower. This ensures that you have a longer lasting source of energy, as well as keeping you feeling satiated for longer. This works well together with exercise – you’ll see lots of shake-users in the gym – because it prevents you from needing to take in carbs during or after your exercise.

Protein helps your muscles burn calories

Diet shakes and supplements that give your body a boost of protein are well known to help build muscle. The protein helps with metabolism and also strengthens the muscles, helping them to develop. Now, although this does cause you to gain muscle weight, you are also bound to lose a significant amount of fat and calories. Think about it: the stronger your muscles grow the harder they can work, and that increases calories being burnt.

Another benefit of certain proteins, such as whey protein, is that they help to trigger metabolic responses in the body. This reaction (known as a thermogenic reaction) is what helps your body to burn off the calories even faster and convert them into energy, which is especially useful when exercising. This thermogenic reaction is a great help even to strict dieters, because you often take in slight amounts of extra calories that you aren’t even aware of, and this helps you to burn that off.

Stay on tracked with curbed appetite

One of the reasons for the great efficacy of high-protein diets is the fact that dieters feel full and so are less tempted to eat more. Diet shakes and supplements, especially protein shakes, can be a great source of glycomacropeptide. This stimulates the production of cholecystokinin, an intestinal hormone which provides you with the feeling of being full and not needing to eat more. And by not eating more than you should, you keep your weight under control.

Now it’s clear why those folks walking around with their shakes are looking so healthy and slim (or at least more so than before). And those who are drinking great shakes like Slender Wonder’s Protein Plus shake are looking happy too, because they have twelve delicious flavours to choose from. Best of all, Slender Wonder is a medical weight loss programme managed by health care professionals. Give them a call to get yourself happy, fit and healthy!

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