Bowen Treatments are a particular number of muscle and ligament movements made to treat an array of problems and injuries. Bowen addresses every system in your body, internal organ systems in addition to musculoskeletal structure. Bowen Therapy has gentle, effective moves that send nerve impulses towards the brain, which in turn is offered time for you to process and feed impulses to realign your body. Respecting this feedback loop is important for allowing your body to revive its very own natural balance.

The Bowen Therapy will still be integrated within the next 5 days following a treatment.

Following a instructions below allows the combination of the Bowen Therapy to proceed unhindered.

At The Time of Treatment Don’t sit for over half an hour at any given time without getting out of bed and walking a couple of steps. This will be significant even when driving – stop and walk around he vehicle. However, you might lie lower flat to relax, without getting to obtain up. Bowen sets overnight during sleep.

Fully stand up together with your weight distributed on ft whatsoever occasions. This can help keep up with the balanced aftereffect of the therapy on our bodies.

Avoid strenuous exercise. Gentle exercise, walking/swimming is okay.

Drink lots of purified water, ½ cup at any given time, to assist the body expel wastes.

Warm (not hot) showers/baths. No heating pads or ice packs. Avoid crossing legs/ankles.

Throughout The Following Week Not one other body work – massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, therapy, spas, cold or hot packs, lengthy hot showers, or dental drilling as the Bowen has been built-into your body. Homeopathic medicines and Bach flower treatments are fine as they’re not going to interfere.

Still drink lots of pure water daily.

A light walk every day is suggested. Avoid crossing your legs or ankles.

Call the specialist for those who have any queries concerning the process bodies are experiencing.

Suggested Follow-Up Treatments Follow-up Bowen Treatments 1 week apart are suggested.

Subsequent Bowen sessions are essential to create The Job In To The BODY AND CONTINUE IMPROVEMENT.

Maintenance remedies are suggested every six to eight days once conditions resolve.

We do hope you enjoy the next Bowen Therapy treatment.

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