There are many water purifiers available in the market today and the person chooses them based on many parameters. The first and foremost parameter is what type of contaminants a particular purifier removes.

If the water in your area doesn’t contain dissolved salts but only microorganisms and pathogens, then buying a UV purifier is recommended. Similarly, RO purifier is required if there are dissolved solids and metal particles like lead, arsenic and fluoride in the water. In case the water in your locality contains both microbes and dissolved salts, then you will have to go with RO+UV water purifier.

Apart from this parameter, the other consideration is whether you should go for wall-mounted, tabletop, under-sink/under-counter water purifiers. Most of the times, people prefer wall-mounted models and here are the reasons that justify this choice of the masses.

Saves Space

Most of the houses in urban areas have limited space and these compact kitchens are already packed with a lot of kitchen appliances.Appliances like rice cookers and mixer grinders cannot be operated if wall mounted and hence have to be given space on the countertop only. Thus, people often feel that at least buying a wall mounted water purifier will save the precious counter space or the under-counter space, which can be utilised for storage.

Adds Aesthetic Value to the Interiors

Having a wall-mounted water purifier makes the counter space look clean and tidy. The wall-mounted models are designedin sucha manner that they enhance the entire appearance of the kitchen.

Easy Cleaning

Wall mounted water purifiers come as a single unit and are very easy to clean and maintain. The cleaning of under sink models is often a cumbersome job. Hence, people prefer a simple cleaning model over others.

Easily Accessible

When it comes to repairing, something that is wall mounted is well within reach to check. Under-the-counter models often pose problems when it comes to checking thoroughly and repairing as the place under the sink or counter is often dark and difficult to reach.

Doesn’t Require Electricity to Pump Water

The under-sink models of RO purifiers require electricity for pumping water from its storage tank. The wall-mounted models in most cases just make use of gravity to pump this water. If you have clean and purified water stored in the tank of wall mounted purifier, you don’t need the power to get it out of its nozzle.

Can Be Used As Countertop Model

An under-counter model needs to be installed under the counter only. Similarly, a countertop model cannot be wall mounted, but a wall-mounted model can be used on the countertop too in case the need arises. It doesn’t look obnoxious or out of place. Thus, wall-mounted models provide the flexibility of doubling up as a countertop, but the reverse is not true.

Water purifiers are now in the category of must-have appliances. They are available in various types and price ranges. People pick these models based on their features and obviously their budget. Apart from features and price, the other two things that play a critical role in finalising a model are ease and convenience. And, the wall mounted models definitely have an edge over others in terms of these two critical parameters.

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