As a life insurance agent, you’re perhaps feeling like you’ve run out of fresh ideas lately on how to generate new leads. If you’ve done things the same for a number of years, you’re maybe running into a dead-end this year and finding yourself losing out to competitors.

This is easy to happen, though it’s sometimes challenging to look to new horizons after doing things the same for so long.

It’s time for you to move out of your comfort zone and find some creative ways to find leads that don’t pertain to the same old procedures.

Here’s a look at some fresher ways to generate leads by being far more social and using educational content for potential client enticement.

Doing Annual Reviews With Existing Clients

Many life insurance sales experts say the most successful agents often do annual reviews of the clients they already have. Rather than exert all your time searching for new clients, it’s possible to interest your existing clients with more life insurance options.

With statistics showing people buy life insurance seven times in their lifetime, you can see the potential opportunities ahead. Others show that three out of ten Americans think they don’t have enough life insurance.

Things like long-term care insurance, disability insurance, and even various annuities give you chances to sell more to the clients who already know you well.

Do an annual review of your existing clients and ask them if they need other life insurance options.

Setting Up an Educational Workshop

When people buy life insurance, they want complete education on what they’re investing in. By putting together an educational workshop, you can gather potential leads to an event and educate them collectively on the life insurance options available.

Many prospects are perhaps more comfortable coming to a workshop than meeting with you one-on-one. It’s best to invite those you may already know (including current clients) to assure you’ll have full attendance. By encouraging these people to bring friends or family, you have potential new people to sell life insurance policies to.

Networking With Fellow Insurance Agents

Never eliminate the value of networking when it comes to creating new leads. Many life insurance agents now network with fellow professionals to find and share leads with one another.

Those you network with don’t always need to come from the insurance industry either. People from other industries often know others who may need life insurance. By using this method, you can cut down on time doing cold calls or overworked company leads leading to nowhere.

Google networking groups in your local area to see what’s available.

Creating Compelling Marketing Content

Life insurance is a vast subject you can expound on through online content. Through an inbound marketing campaign, you’ll attract people to you based on creating compelling content addressing life insurance concerns.

Whether through a blog, a podcast, or posting recurring videos, you have a lot of content options. Even creating infographics helps a lot because it explains normally boring subject matter in a more entertaining way.

This is the key to attracting people, whether to your website or through social media.

Doing Recurring Referral Lunches

The “let’s do lunch” process might sound hackneyed, yet you have some fresher approaches available to make this work well. One good way is to do what’s called a referral lunch. This is when you meet with a fellow business associate for lunch and trade off leads for one another.

While this might generate only one lead per lunch session, doing this at least once every few weeks can make your lead list start to grow steadily.

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