Everyone knows how important it is to drink enough water, but most people regularly drink too little water. The negative repercussion is very complex. With this article, we would like to sensitize you to consciously pay attention to your water consumption, because water is an elementary pillar for perfect health.

Water – Source of Life

Without water, our planet would be an inhospitable wilderness without any life. The elixir of life water is omnipresent – it surrounds us everywhere. The oceans occupy most of the earth’s surface – our lives also begin in the water before birth. The fact that about 65% of our body is made up of water gives us an idea of the central role that life-giving water has in our body. Water is a universal element and seems to be beneficial to us in every state of matter – whether as a liquid, vapor or ice – whether externally or internally. Water is food in the best sense of the word. Although humans can survive for weeks without eating, without liquid the body only lasts for a few days.

Water Keeps the Body Going

Water is the fuel of the Body – all bodily functions depend on sufficient hydration. Only enough hydrogenated can our body perform its manifold tasks. The amount of water in the blood ensures that oxygen, nutrients, and messengers quickly reach their destination. Water speeds up the breakdown of metabolic products – toxins, excess acids and contaminants that we consume with food are flushed out of the body.

Thirst is a Warning Signal of the Body

In high temperatures and physical exertion, but also diseases such as fever, vomiting or diarrhea, our body has an increased fluid requirement. But even without any effort, the body loses two and a half liters of fluid daily, which must be replaced. Thirst is nothing more than a warning signal of the body – he draws attention to the fact that an acute lack of water threatens. Lack of water in the body not only reduces performance but also endangers our health. Lack of water, the cells are not adequately supplied with oxygen and nutrients. We feel tired and enervated – concentration and performance are significantly reduced. In the acute case, life-threatening circulatory disorders can occur.

Final Words

For a complete medical certification of you, as an individual is healthy, your body must be well hydrated. Drink enough water mustn’t be taken as a thing of a joke, as its low level in the body can cause death.

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