Technically, the procedure of hair transplant is divided into two categories, namely, the FUT hair transplant and the FUE hair transplant. The technique application in the restoration procedure is used to extract the number of hair follicles in order to implant them into the particular bald area and this is the technique that decides the success of the procedure in order to extract the required number of grafts/hair follicles.

The hair transplant procedure is defined by the process of hair root shifting from one location that is donor area into the bald/recipient area in such a manner that the bald area fully, gets covered with the live hair follicles aesthetically that is performed by the hair transplant Surgeon.

The hair transplant cost in Mumbai doesn’t count under to budget cost as it is a costlier decision and that’s why Mumbai people used to visit Jaipur and Delhi to get the hair transplant done. The hair transplant in Mumbai is less popular among economic masses as compared to the procedure given in the Jaipur and Delhi.

The technique relevancy in the procedure of hair restoration can be measured in terms of their efficacy to provide live hair follicles with a feasible number of grafts that allows a Surgeon to cover the available grade of baldness more effectively.

Scientifically, it has been proved out that the FUT hair transplant is more effective than the FUE hair transplant in the perspective of getting the greatest number of hair follicles. To understand each technique, it is better to know the type of their extraction process that decides the success of the procedure.

How Extraction Process decides the Success of the Procedure:

The Hair roots Extraction in the FUE Technique

In the procedure of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair is extracted through the small circular incisions with the help of punching machine that compel a Surgeon to target the hair root extraction in a random manner that leaves multiple circular spots on the area from where extraction is done. It is a less effective technique as it diminishes the donor area capability by leaving multiple punches since each punching requires an aesthetic distance to the next for extracting the hair roots. The FUE hair transplant procedure is a less resultant technique and is not suitable for the higher grade of baldness.

The Hair roots Extraction in the FUT Hair Transplant Technique

In the technique of FUT procedure, a long, thin sliver of tissue/strip is extracted the safe donor area and further the individual follicular units are extracted with the help of stereo-microscopes that provides you with a greater number of hair follicles that is suitable to cover the higher grade of baldness. In the FUT hair transplant, a Surgeon is able to collect a number of hair follicles that are permanent in nature since the roots are extracted only from the safe donor area via the strip of the skin. The Surgeons of hair transplant given the name of ‘Gold Standard’ for this technique as it offers the longest lasting hair roots and an only chosen technique in order to cover the higher grade of NW class of baldness.

The Top 4 Significance of Hair Transplant Procedure is described below:

  1. It gives Permanent Hair roots: Since the strip of the skin is harvested only from the safe donor area, i.e., the back and sides of the scalp; the transplanted hair roots lasted forever because of their resistivity to the DHT hormone even after the transplantation. The hair roots retain the characteristics of permanent nature and remain on scalp forever once the root gets transplanted.
  2. It is Suitable to cover the greater grade of baldness: The FUT hair transplant is always suitable for higher grades of baldness because a strip provides you with a greater number of grafts in a single time that saves the donor area strength as well as the probability of prospective sittings if required. The FUT hair transplant is mainly applied by the best Surgeon to cover the greater Norwood class of baldness.
  3. It makes the Possibility of Future sittings if required: There can be a possibility of future sitting as according to the patients’ grade of baldness and their age. The prospect of future sitting can only be possible with the FUT technique because it saves the donor area by the wisely distribution, made by the hair transplant Surgeon.
  4. It leaves zero scars if Trichophytic Closure: The FUT hair transplant is a scar less hair transplant technique with the advanced closing technique of Trichophytic closure that allows a Surgeon to close the incision area in an overlapping manner that makes the possibility of hair growth just from the suture area. It makes the scar completely hide as the hair regrowth occurs in the closing area.


Summarizing all, we can say that the FUT technique is one of the best and wise decisions in the hair transplant world if a patient wishes to have a dense-packed hair with a greater coverage and less visible scars. It is always a cost-effective decision in the hair restoration surgery.

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