You’ve most likely heard of the cinnamon challenge, or the ice bucket challenge, or the kylie jenner lip challenge, or the chubby bunny challenge…you get the point. There’s tons of crazy, sometimes even dangerous, challenges out there on the internet for all types of people to enjoy. So why not try and start a new one for your local stoner scene? Maybe it’ll even go viral! You’ll need a few components for this challenge but the funny stories you get from it will most likely be worth it, especially if you get a few friends together and pool your resources together.

The first essential component, of course, is a steam roller pipe. No, it can’t be a bong, or a regular spoon pipe, or a hookah, or anything else. It has to be a steam roller because you’ll need to build up a large volume of smoke, and a big ol’ bong would make this a little too easy for it to be an exciting challenge. Next, you need some herb, the more the better if you want to do this with multiple people, but only about half a gram is needed for just you and a buddy to attempt this. You also need some hash, some kief, and at least one kind of concentrate. Can you guess where this is going?

To begin setting up the challenge, you need to add just a little bit of herb into your steam roller’s bowl, just as a sort of bedding. Now you can commence stacking this baby up into a sort of THC Big Mac. I’d suggest adding your concentrate to this first layer of weed so that it’s as far away from the flame as possible when you smoke, so it can vaporize properly instead of combusting. Add that in, then sprinkle a bit more weed over it so that the concentrate is sandwiched in, then crumble up some hash and add that to the top of the bowl, and yet again cover it up with some more bud. Now the final step, dump enough kief onto the top of the bowl so that all you can see is that golden dusty goodness. It isn’t a proper steam roller challenge if the kief doesn’t entirely hide the rest of the bowl’s contents. The challenge is now ready to be attempted by whoever is brave enough to champion this medley in one hit, in a proper steam roller fashion. Warning: this is not for the faint of heart, or those lacking experience (i.e. anyone who has not smoked each of the individual components many times).

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