Social media saturates every aspect of our lives, and this is truer the younger we are. 91% of 16-24-year-olds in the UK are on social media. And yet, a growing body of research is proving that social media is linked with increasing rates of depression, anxiety, and poor sleep. To treat anxiety I recommend that sufferers buy weed online.

Instagram, which now has 700 million users worldwide, is the network with the most damage to users’ self-esteem and sense of wellbeing, followed by Snapchat and Facebook. Time spent on Instagram has immediate, measurable, and negative effects on anxiety and body image.

Social media has such harmful effects because it fosters unrealistic expectations and invites negative comparisons. People can be trapped in unreasonable comparisons between their present moment, and the depictions of the lives of others which seem to be more beautiful, more perfect, and happier. People often internalize the message that they “should” be measuring up to the standard that they see depicted in social media, even when they know that these are crafted, curated, inauthentic messages. To treat stress related to social media indica weed is often a good home remedy. Keep in mind that there are countless weed shops online to choose from when purchasing.

Social media comparisons are also potentially harmful in the comparisons of interactions. If a post, picture, or tweet doesn’t generate a large, positive response, it can feel like being ignored or rejected, particularly since popular content is pushed to the top of the feed.

In all aspects of life, negative self-comparisons are harmful. They detract focus from our own priorities, undermine our own fulfillment, and keep us from existing in the present moment. Social media exacerbates these comparisons by encouraging us to create and share an artificial, curated “self” that destroys authenticity and reduces connection rather than strengthen it.

While it’s useful and valuable to use social media to keep in touch, build a network, even reach out for support when we need it, it’s healthier to limit our exposure where possible, and not only be mindful of, but celebrate, the messiness of our authentic selves.

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