Weight is such a sensitive topic to talk about. Wouldn’t it just be wonderful to take some foods and instantly lose weight? Unfortunately, it’s never that easy. You have to sacrifice a lot your time and efforts to be able to achieve your ideal weight.

Living a healthy life is almost totally dependent on how healthy your diet is. Having a diet plan is not only a matter of putting it down on paper but also being committed and stick to it no matter what.

Here are a few reasons why diets fail in the first place;

  1. Unrealistic expectations

Being on a diet needs a lot of patience. You cannot expect to be a size 6 immediately from a size 16, its ridiculous! You need a lot of hard work in order to attain your targets. While setting your goals, do not be too hard on yourself, and start by cutting out little things slowly. You could first start by cutting out junk food then gradually increase your water intake as recommended by your fitness instructor.

  1. Lack of commitment

When you find a diet plan that works for you and the results are showing off, you will not at any point want to lose focus. Lack of commitment means that there are high chances that your diet will be a huge fail, which is not what you want. Stick to your diet even on days that you feel you need to shift a little, do not succumb to the temptation at all costs.

  1. Lack Of A Support System

There is nothing as bad as having people who discourage you while on a diet. Remember, it is a personal choice. There are people who will be there to make you feel like you cannot make it, but, stay positive and motivated. It is just a matter of time that they will start recognizing the positive changes in your body and come running to you for advice.

  1. Poor Eating Schedules

Studies have shown that people who have serious eating timeliness tend to have healthier bodies than those that don’t.  Depending on your daily activities, come up with a realistic meal plan and the exact time you should take them. If possible you could set a reminder on your phone to keep you on track.

  1. Being On The Wrong Diet

There is a lot of dietary information on the internet that you can adapt and start using when convinced enough. However, it is important to note that our bodies are different meaning that they will react differently to different foods. Sometimes, after finding out that the diet you are on is not as effective, you could consult a professional nutritionist who will guide you on the best one to use.

  1. Inadequate Sleep

Did you know that lack of enough sleep can pose serious health complications, obesity being one of them? Well, lack of sleep causes the stimulation of a stress hormone, cortisol, which might lead to weight gain. Additionally, poor sleeping patterns also stimulate the appetite hormone, ghrelin, which will make you crave for more food especially the carbohydrates.

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