Mumbai is not only the city of the dream but it is also known for his excellence in the medical field.RahejaHospital holds a position in the list of top 15 best hospitals in Mumbai.The hospital holds this position not only by providing best medical care to his patients,but also providing it at an affordable rate.

Raheja Hospital an associate of Fortis healthcare was established in 1975 with a motto of saving and enriching lives.From more than 50 years hospital is providing excellent healthcare services to national and international patients. At Raheja, you will get major all treatment for diseases. Other than this hospital also believes that taking care of patient’s caretaker is equally important as of patients. Raheja hospital encourage patients caretaker to be part of healing process of patient. ICU and causality ward has been acknowledged by International care standard for providing the best medical facility 24×7.You can book your appointment with the hospital doctors through Clinicspots.

Here are some Achievements of Raheja hospital


Raheja Hospital treated a patient suffering from breast cancer treatment with highly advanced medical technology. The hospital used IORT therapy (Intra-Operative Radiation Treatment).In this finest surgery, cancerous cell is targeted without removing the breast with the help of this surgery. Other than this surgery also minimizes the reoccurrence of cancerous cell.

Doctor’s word


DrNehal Khanna says, “IORT has been a revolution. The treatment has been done on different types of cancers with good results. It is most commonly done for early breast cancers followed by the head neck, colorectal cancers, pancreatic cancers, vaginal cancers and brain tumours. It can also be taken for recurrent cases, cases who have received prior radiotherapy, palliative settings as well as boost radiotherapy to the tumor bed.”

  • Cancer Operation With Spray

Raheja Hospital doctor performsovarian cancer with the spray. The hospital doctor used unique German technique name Pressurized Intra Peritoneal Aerosol Chemotherapy (PIPAC).In this surgery is the combine of chemo and surgery. Gas form of liquid use in a chemo therapy is applied to the cancer cell. The patient gets discharge within 2 to 3 days after the surgery.

Doctor’s words

DrKatdare“Side-effects that are commonly seen in other procedures such as hair loss, kidney problems, liver problems, vomiting etc., are either minimal or not seen at all. Any patient with peritoneal cancer, who can withstand a two-hour surgery under anaesthesia, is compatible with this therapy. This process eliminates the cumulative toxicity — the adverse effects caused owing to long-term exposure to a toxicant or other stressor. Therefore, all patients can tolerate this procedure very well,”

  • Rare Heart surgery at Raheja Hospital

Raheja hospital has performed the rare heart surgery to save the life of a 5-year-old boy (Soham). The hospital use ROSS surgery which is performed by the pediatric cardiac team of the hospital. With the help of Ross, Doctors replaced aortic valve from the patient’s body with the pulmonary valve.


Doctor’s word


“We decided to perform ROSS procedure on Soham, as for children of this age, a suitably sized valve is not readily available. As the patient’s own pulmonary valve is used to replace the diseased valve, there is no rejection and it helps the body to respond swifter, as against implanting a foreign object.”

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