Anti-pollution masks have become a necessary accessory for all those stepping outdoors in environments rife with air pollution.

There are frequent reports of rising air pollution in the country. The mass media is rife with reports about how air pollution is on the rise with increased construction activity, profusion of vehicular traffic, industrial wastes discharged in the air, etc. Several factors actively contribute to the air pollution in the country.

It is up to each citizen to combat the threat of air pollution the best way they can. You cannot be expected to sit inside air-conditioned environments all day – there are times when you must be outside as you commute to and from work, or drop your children to school, or go shopping, etc. During these times, you will inevitably breathe in air pollutants – in turn, these begin to line your air passages and lungs, and making you sick over time.

There is not much you can do about the rising levels of air pollution in your city – but you can take certain steps to safeguard your health against the risk of bronchial and blood disorders. The first preventive measure is to use an anti-pollution mask.

What anti-pollution masks do

Most people step out wearing scarves around their faces, in a bid to protect their faces from the harsh sunlight and also to keep air pollution at bay. But particulate matter in the air is quite fine in size, and most of it can easily penetrate the fibres of clothing. Thus, cloth scarves are never a good solution for air pollution.

Most particulate matter is less than 2.5 microns in diameter. It enters the body through the nasal cavity and starts settling inside the nose, the throat and the lungs. It is important to prevent the particulate matter from entering the body, and anti-pollution masks can help with this essential function. The anti-pollution mask provides an effective barrier against the particulate matter, dust, poisonous gases, moisture droplets and also the heat in the air by filtering the air flowing through your nose. So even if you are exposed to environments with high amounts of pollution, you are safe from harmful pollutants entering your system and making you unwell.

How to buy a good anti-pollution mask

Most manufacturers claim that their anti-pollution masks are efficient in keeping out pollution. However, only a few actually pass the anti-pollution test. Look for masks that keep out at least 95% of particulate matter in the air that you breathe.

Besides, the mask must be easy to wear, preferably washable, and fitted with a micro fan to remove heat and moisture build-up inside the mask. Basically, the anti-pollution mask must offer both filtration and cooling functions as it works.

Leading personal hygiene brands in India have developed excellent anti-pollution masks that are able to keep out 98% of particulate matter and keep the wearer comfortable even with prolonged use.

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