Pests are not only destructive and frustrating but also dangerous to your health. They include termites, spiders, bats, and cockroaches… just to name a few. Sometimes location plays a major role in determining what pest infestation you are prone to. As a result, you need to find the most effective pest control Perth measures to get rid of them completely.

Top 6 Pest Control Tips

  • Block all their passage

The first thing you need to do is preventing pests from entering your home. Cover all holes and gaps and get them repaired as soon as possible

  • Stagnant water

Is there any stagnant water in your home? If yes, then you are issuing an invitation to mosquitoes in your home? Clean it. Also, inspect your surrounding regularly.

  • Make sure your kitchen is clean

Nothing attracts cockroaches and ants like a dirty kitchen. Wipe your kitchen counters and corner, dispose the leftovers and sweep the floors daily.

  • Take care of your yard

Inspect your yard at least once for a week. Trim any bush, weed the yard and remove garbage.

  • How do you store firewood?

If you store your firewood properly, you keep termites from entering your home. It is wise to store firewood away from your house. Also, make sure the firewood is stored on racks that are above the ground.

Your Guide to Hiring the Most Reliable Pest Control Service Provider in Perth

If you feel in spite adopting all the above precautionary measures things will not work, consider hiring a reliable pest control Perth expert. They will examine your issue, create a custom plan and keep your home in order.

But how will you choose the best service provider?

Ask your family and friends

Ask your network; most likely they know an expert that can help you. Contact everyone you know and make a list of referrals given to you.

Conduct an internet search

Use the internet to search for pest control companies in Perth. Visit their websites and read all the relevant information offered by each company.

Now that you have a list of companies you would like to work with, it is the high time to look for their reviews. Reviews help one know what they are getting themselves into.

Licensing and Certification check

Remember to conduct a licensing check. Most established service providers have licenses. Make sure the certifications are up-to-date. It is also important to check with Better Business Bureau (BBB) whether your preferred company has any complaints from previous clients. This will help you know which companies to avoid.

Choosing the best service

The next step should be calling the companies. Ask about whether they can do a quick inspection of your home before proceeding with treatment. Reputable companies offer initial inspection services free of charge.

They also take time to discuss with you what should be done to eradicate the pests. It is worth noting that every pest is different and the strategy to control them is also different.

Go through every detail of the written proposal before making the final decision.


Your safety and health are very important. Always keep these pest control Perth tips in mind.

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