ECE Medical is a carrier of all the Michigan Medical Equipment that a small clinic or surgery center might need. Their online catalog has over 2500 items that are easy to find with the search engine for the catalog the first thing you will find on the home page.  With their website catalog set up this way, if you are a regular customer you will be in and finished in only minutes while being thankful for online shopping.

Home care customer

And if you are needing an order of supplies or items for someone you are caring for at home, then you will be even more thankful for online shipping. They will not just save you time but also money for items that would cost more at a regional drug store.

Fast shipping is committed to ensuring a satisfactory customer experience for every order and that includes doctor’s clinics, small surgery centers as well as homecare professionals. This part of Detroit Medical Supplies will have all the supplies that any of these three types of customers need, and a shipping supply line that assures your order will be at your door steps before you have had time to even think about it.

Customer service

This company also has one of the finest customer service operations of any online shopping store. They are available by phone or email 24/7 and will do their very best to make your shopping experience one that keeps you coming back again and again.

Other information

They also have other things that you might find very useful to you. They have a newsletter that you can sign up for, that tells you when certain items are going on sale, as well as information on new products. They also have a blog with interesting articles involving purchasing online, new products, tips for traveling with someone who is impaired in some way as well as information on the latest research that is showing great promise in certain healthcare area.

About them is a Michigan Medical Supply store headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. They offer families access to basic supplies for medical care and home safety equipment. They also supply physician’s clinics and surgery centers all over the United States with the latest equipment due to their manufactures who are world renowned and a solid enterprise with Medline which is the medical equipment leader and supplier in the nation. has everything for all your healthcare needs.


Since this company only carries brands of medical equipment that are most up to date, they often will be the first store that will carry technology just entering the market. This is information that money can’t buy, and this company always has this type of information for their customers.

Online shopping

It is worth your time, if you are a manager of a surgery center or doctor’s clinic or just someone who is caring at home for an aging parent – to stop by this online store. You will learn quickly how convenient online shopping can be.

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