We hear it all the time: hydration is a vital part of our everyday life, let alone when you start dieting and working out. However, not all of us fully understand just how important it is. We consist mostly of water, our skin, our muscles, our blood – they all are part water. When you find a method suitable for you on the road to healthy life, usually it makes you rethink your hydration. So, you need to take it up more seriously than just drinking water when you feel thirsty.

Hydration Influences Mental Performance

For all fitness enthusiasts, especially those who often have exercises that make them lose a lot of sweat, it’s highly recommended to replenish the lost hydration as soon as possible. Dehydration is harmful not only for your body, apparently, but also for your mental performance.

Most people need to go to study or work, or perform any other activities that need focus and stability, and if the impact of dehydration reaches the limit, it may lead to dangerous situations.

This is especially hot of a topic for those who do sports like tennis, for example. This kind of sports itself needs a lot of coordination and focus abilities, so proper hydration becomes one of the key elements before, during, and after the training or the game.

Tips on Keeping You Hydrated

Water, of course, is the main and the best source of hydration. They say during the latest decades we’ve gone through a water revolution, so now it’s just normal to walk around with water bottles and refilling them where you can.

However, there are more ways to keep your hydration in check throughout the day, even though this is the most important one.

  • First of all, make sure you drink enough water.
    Some people don’t realize their main dehydration problem is plainly not drinking enough of water. Set reminders, count the glasses, always have a bottle with you at your workplace, at the gym, etc. And make sure you drink plain water – we’re talking about it, not soda, tea, or coffee.
  • Eat more fruit and vegetables.
    Make sure you have enough vegetables in every meal of yours, and snack on fruit. They are very watery and will hydrate you very well, so even when you eat, you also drink, not to mention you get in a lot of micronutrients and prevent electrolyte imbalance. Some of the best options are celery, cucumber, bell peppers, radish, tomatoes, cauliflower, watermelon, kiwi, berries, etc.
  • Add sea salt to your meals.
    Get natural sea salt and add it to your meals along with spices, sprinkle it on your toast toppings, etc. It will help bring your hydration and potassium levels to balance and keep them there.
  • It’s not only what you eat or drink that matters, but also how the water circulates in your body. Exercising will help you improve that circulation for you to stay properly hydrated.

Dehydration is more of an issue that many of us think as it affects our physical condition with headaches, dizziness, etc. However, it’s important for your mental performance and concentration s well, so think about checking on your water consumption whenever you can.

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