If your breasts are too large or too heavy and you’re looking to not only reduce the size of your breasts but make them perkier too, breast reduction surgery could be the right option for you.

But what happens to your nipples during this type of surgery though?

How your nipples are affected by breast reduction surgery

Weight fluctuations, pregnancy and breastfeeding can all impact the shape of your breasts as well as where your nipples are located on your breasts.

During your breast reduction surgery in Sydney, Dr Safvat will reduce the size of your breasts while uplifting them at the same time. This also means that your nipples will be relocated so that they’re higher on your breast mound.

If you’re unhappy with how your nipples currently look, you can combine your breast reduction procedure with nipple surgery to achieve the most desirable, natural-looking results possible.

In some cases, even the colour of the nipples can be changed but this option will need to be discussed with your surgeon.

Does breast reduction surgery put the nipple at risk?

Yes, there is a small chance that the nipple’s function will be affected by the surgery but this is why it’s important to be very selective when choosing a surgeon. The nipple is a very delicate area of the body but the right surgeon will be able to minimise any risks.

Why has breast reduction and nipple surgery become so popular?

It mainly comes down to exercise limitations, the pain of having large breasts and the social embarrassment that comes with it.

Breast reduction surgery and ptosis

Ptosis is a benign condition that refers to droopy or sagging breasts, which also leads to nipples that point south.

Ptosis can cause back, shoulder and neck pain as well as skin infections but fortunately, this condition can be treated with the help of breast reduction and nipple surgery.

If a patient has ptosis but lacks excess volume, a breast lift can be performed on its own.

During a breast reduction or breast lift procedure, the nipples can be resized and reshaped to reverse the effects of ptosis.

A guide to nipple surgery

During your breast lift or breast reduction procedure, the nipple areolar complex will be relocated while still keeping the function and the skin of the nipple intact.

The nipple can then also be reshaped or moved to a more central position on the breasts.

If you are still planning to have children and breastfeed in the future, it should be noted that breast reduction surgery can impact your ability to breastfeed. However, by selecting a highly-skilled and qualified surgeon, you can greatly reduce these risks.

Breast reduction surgery is a long-term solution to achieving smaller, perkier breasts, however, it’s important to note that weight and hormonal changes, as well as skin ageing and pregnancy, can affect the results of your surgery.

Speak to your surgeon about whether you’re the right candidate for breast reduction and nipple surgery or if a breast lift is enough.

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