When you’re first diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, you’re bound to feel uncertain about the future and have multiple questions about adapting to the disease. Getting the right medical care and following a healthy, positive lifestyle can go a long way in helping you live with the condition and cope with its impact. It is very important to understand and ask frequent questions in order for you to manage the disease and lead a long, fulfilling life.

Your doctor is should create a custom treatment plan for you, keeping in mind your specific body condition and disease type. This plan is important to ensure that your cardiomyopathy doesn’t get worse or cause simultaneous damage to other important organs such as your heart and lungs. Lifestyle changes recommended by your doctor will also help you maintain a healthier routine and longer life.

Read on to find out some things you should do in order to help you live well with cardiomyopathy:

Stick to your treatment plan

It is extremely important for you to visit your doctor on a regular bases and follow the instructions you’re given. You must inform the doctor about any trouble you’re facing or any part of your treatment plan that makes you uncomfortable. Tell them if there’s something you’re unable to follow or you wish to be changed. Not sticking to your doctor’s orders can take a toll on your health and slow down your overall recovery process. Follow the prescription to a T and do not compromise on the quality of medication. With online shopping of medical products, you can easily manage your treatment plan from the comfort of your home.

Rest Well

Suffering from cardiomyopathy may make it difficult for you to maintain your stamina and stay very active. This is because the disease makes you tired quickly since your heart isn’t functioning as well as it would otherwise. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t mean that you stay inactive or avoid physical activity altogether. Speak with your doctor to understand how much activity is good for you. Staying active is necessary but you also must give equal importance to taking adequate rest.

Take care of your heart

When managing cardiomyopathy, you must ensure you do everything you can to keep your heart healthy. This may involve a number of lifestyle changes:

  • Quit Smoking

Smoking can be extremely dangerous for your heart – it weakens the functioning of your heart muscles and blood vessels. It also has a grave impact on your lungs, making it more difficult for you to breathe. Smoking also reduces oxygen levels in your blood, which requires your heart to beat faster and work harder. If the situation becomes critical, over exerting your heart may also lead to a heart attack.

  • Extra weight can be your enemy

Being overweight can make it much harder for you to deal with cardiomyopathy. The higher your weight, the more your heart has to exert to perform its function. Additionally, being over weight increases your risk of suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure. Such diseases further weaken your heart and blood vessels.

  • Avoid alcohol

Drinking alcohol can worsen the condition of your cardiomyopathy. It breaks down your heart tissue and has a negative impact on your heart’s ability to pump blood.

  • Reduce your salt intake

You must try to reduce the salt you consume as extra sodium can aggravate the symptoms of cardiomyopathy. Excess salt causes your body to retain water and due to this extra fluid, your heart has to pump harder. Consult your doctor as to how much salt you should consume in a day.

Consult your doctor

You must stay in close touch with your doctor and keep them in the loop about how you’re feeling. This is extremely important especially if you experience dizzy spells or fainting or notice the appearance of new symptoms with a change in medicines. Having trouble breathing, getting excessively tired or experiencing extra coughing are also important signs worth mentioning. Also be on the look out for other symptoms such as urinating less, finding swelling on your feet, ankles or abdomen, feeling tightness in your arm, jaw, chest or back. These are important signs that definitely should not be ignored.

From ordering a 3 way foley catheter at the click of a button to looking for tips and reading experiences of other patients, the Internet has made it much easier to live with a disease such as cardiomyopathy. You can depend on reputable online retailers such as Smart Medical Buyer to order your medical supplies and stay informed about living better with cardiomyopathy.

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