There are many ways to improve H1B lottery(Also known as h1b抽签)win rate:

In fact, 70% of H1B’s successful applications are based on luck but there are still 30% of what we can do to increase the chance of you getting H1-B Visa.

Take this year as an example. In April, there were more than 65,000 undergraduate students and 20,000 masters combined with 85,000 quotas. This year, the number of people apply for H1-B Visa (Also known as h1b签证) is 190,000, which means the hit rate is around 42%. So, what is the way to improve the win rate of H1B? Lawyers recommend the following points.

Improve H1B win rate and ensure that the application will be submitted to the Immigration Department from April 1st to April 3rd. Applying for the H1-B application (also known as h1b 申请) as early as possible for the first three days may increase the winning rate. If the application is submitted too early, the H1B quota is not yet open and the application materials will be returned.

Ensure that the application materials (Also known as h1b签证材料)are submitted to the correct address. The H1B application filing address is determined by the employer’s company address. There are two receiving places each year. Don’t send to the wrong place. If the application is submitted to the wrong immigration office, the material will be returned and you will lose the lottery.

Improve H1B win rate and fill in the check according to the requirements of the Immigration Department. The Filing fee for the application has changed a lot this year, the price has risen. It must be submitted in strict accordance with the requirements of the Immigration Department. Check the contents of the check: check amount, check header, check date. If the check date is wrong, it will be returned by the immigration office and you won’t able to enter the lottery.

Fill in the H1B form carefully, pay attention to where signature needs to be signed. There are a total of six places in this year that require the signature and date of the employer. Each visa must be signed. If there is a missing sign, it will result in a refund and loss of the lottery. So, these details are carefully checked before submission to ensure that the Immigration Department can receive it.

Non-profit organizations do not need to draw lots H1B is divided into the application of the profit organization and the non-profit organization. On April 1st, the H1B lottery refers to the H1B of the profit organization. If you find a non-profit organization, you do not need to participate in the lottery when applying for H1B, or the employer is a non-profit research institution, university, hospital, etc. The win rate is 100%.

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