The HIV is certainly a serious and restrictive disease, but it does not mean that we must forego all the pleasures of the table, on the contrary. Like many diseases that require significant treatment and daily, HIV involves digestive disorders more or less important. Most often there is a reduction in the absorption of essential food nutrients by the intestines, sore mouth, stomach pain (diarrhea, constipation, abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting), a shrink in appetite, a malfunction digestive organs or a decrease of the genital system. I will give you some food tips in this article, but in no case, they will replace those of the health professional who follows you. It is recognized that nutrition plays a beneficial role for AIDS patients, it helps to meet the increased nutrient and energy needs, helping them to fight infections.

Nutritional Needs

The needs of HIV-positive victim increase by an average of 10% compared to a healthy person and when the symptoms appear, we go from 30 to 50%. However, the food intake must also be balanced to maintain its benefits on the patient and not cause him disorders. Thus people will maintain normal body weight and can effectively fight against persistent diseases allied to this disease.

Daily Recommendations

Consume fruits and also vegetables at each meal. They provide vegetable fibers that regulate the transit sometimes deregulated by the drugs. They also supply essential vitamins to the genital system to resist infections. We must bring a source of vegetables and fruits to all meals. It’s ideal to abstain cooking for long so as not to destroy the vitamins and keep their effectiveness. If not, use quick cooking such as boiling, consume enough quantity of glutenin or protein which are mostly found in meat, fish, eggs, legumes.

Drinking enough water about 2 liters a day are needed so that the body can digest drugs (it’s a way to make the drug effective through several substances including water), and help regulate the transit during constipation.

Furthermore, it has been proven that cannabis is used to stimulate the appetite in patients with HIV, patients with such illness should buy bong online Canada cheap for healthy filtration and consumption. Finally, practice systematic physical activity, it helps stimulate appetite, and fight against depression.

Cannabis has proven beneficial in easing if not curing the symptoms of many other diseases including cancer, so its no wonder that there is a movement all around the world to legalize cannabis at least in  a medical capacity.

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