Plantar Fasciitis is a severe condition. It can be immensely deliberating such that walking is nothing but pain and running is a far-off dream. It targets runners, obese people, and people between the ages of forty and sixty. The plantar fascia is a fibrous band that runs across the bottom of your foot like a bowstring and originates from the heel. Its primary function is that of a shock absorber. But, when tension and stress on its fibers cross the threshold, it gets inflamed. This causes a stabbing pain at and around the heel which is the first symptom of plantar fasciitis. Treating this condition urgently is vital as leaving it unaddressed can cause several chronic injuries that require dangerous and painful surgeries to fix which still don’t guarantee to be able to walk in the future. Although the home remedies for this condition have reported successes, the best way to ensure relief is to go to a podiatrist.

Trying to choose a podiatrist can be tricky especially if you’ve never been to one before. The best way to find a podiatrist is to check on the PiedR√©seau Network. But once you see one, use the following tips to ensure that he is right for you:-

Check Credentials

When you look for a podiatrist, an important thing to check is their credentials. They should have a license to practice along with proper training. Having a bachelor’s degree is essential to inquire about that too. Your particular condition may require a specific skill, maybe even minor surgery, so make sure that your doctor has those skills and is licensed to prescribe medicines.

Apart from this, you should also check their practice history and make sure that it is spotless. Reading online reviews from previous patients will help in making sure that they practice their degree correctly.

Discuss Techniques

You can also discuss techniques with your podiatrist before beginning treatment. For instance, a good podiatrist wouldn’t recommend surgery until it’s an absolute necessity. So if yours recommends operation in the first go, it’s time to look for a different doctor.


When you hire someone to fix an ailment, you should never compromise quality for a cheaper price tag. However, it’s important to make sure that the podiatrist fits your budget so make sure to discuss the cost before starting treatment.

Now that you know how to choose the right podiatrist to feel free to go ahead and get your foot conditions fixed for a more active life.

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