Falling into the hands of addiction changes every aspect of your life. You can lose friends, jobs, finances, and it often leads to hospital stays or death. It is important to seek the help you need to end the active use of drugs or alcohol and begin the process of healing.

What drives an addiction?

What fuels and drives an addiction is different for every individual. It is why successful drug treatment has reached out and determined the need to construct customized treatment plans that fit and make sense to the person needing help. Since everyone comes from a different circumstance, the same, cookie-cutter treatment model will not work for everyone. One common theme for most addicts is living a life that is filled with overwhelming amounts of stress and anxiety.

The Toxicity of High-Level Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are not purely stuffed away in the brain to be dealt with on an occasional basis. It is something that causes very real physical symptoms to manifest often in what can turn out to be self-defeating and harmful behaviors. High levels of anxiety can lead to panic attacks and disorders. Stress can affect the immune system and lead to real illnesses. Getting this type of toxic energy reduced and eliminated is one way to make it easier to tackle an addiction problem. Experiencing a past traumatic event is one area that brings about high levels of stress and anxiety and why many centers opt to incorporate therapy for trauama and substance abuse, simultaneously.

What is considered trauma?

A traumatic event is one that triggers severe emotional responses from any mental, physical, or emotional injury that occurs in your lifetime. When the emotional response is ongoing for a long time, it is considered a trauma. A few examples of traumatic events are

– The loss of a loved one
– Divorce
– Rape
– Domestic violence
– A serious accident or near-death experience
– Childhood, physical, mental, emotional, or sexual abuse
– Serious financial loss or bankruptcy, and more

Finding a Way to Escape or Cope

Trying to get away from emotional pain and trauma can often lead to drug or alcohol addiction. No one sets out to become addicted to substances, but the drive to cope or escape can be strong. You may find that life is rolling along fine for months or years at a time, but a sudden attack of stress and anxiety leave you feeling debilitated. Memories or flashbacks of past trauma can flood your mind and end up derailing your attempts to stay sober and addiction-free.

When Trauma-Based Addiction Takes Over Your Life

Trauma-based addictions are hard to reign in without professional help. Your mind will be racing and all thoughts center on how to drown out the memories and emotional repeats. No matter how safe you have constructed your life, it will suddenly feel as if the rug has been pulled out from under. You need to begin reaching out and seeking help to get everything under control. You can enter a treatment program that specializes in treating addictions that are powered by severe past traumatic events. Being positioned in an environment where people understand and have undergone serious trauma themselves, you can feel better about opening up and breaking free of the trauma and addiction.

Entering Detox and Taking Control

The first step in dealing with the trauma and addiction is to undergo a safe detox. Once the drugs or alcohol are completely out of your system you can better focus on treatment. All detox is handled by caring staff members that understand the toll that addictions take on your health. You begin the process of getting stronger and replenishing the many vitamins and minerals that drugs and alcohol rip from your body. A healthier you will be more receptive to making the needed life changes that lead to recovery success.

Dealing with Past Trauma and Healing

The more successful way to recover from trauma-based addiction is to find a treatment center that offers trauma resolution therapy along with a standard addiction program like those offered at Serene Beginnings. Navigating a specialized program like this will give you a new outlook on life. It will finally make everything come in clear focus and answer the questions you have always had about becoming addicted to substances.

Freedom from addiction is hard to achieve if the background problems that lead to addiction are not properly addressed. You can finally feel like long-term sobriety is possible.

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