Hair fall is seen as a common problem between male and female. But, it’s also true that men are more likely to lose their hair than from women, mostly because of genetic issues and male pattern baldnessThe reason for hair fall can be simple as well as complex, like from a vitamin deficiency to an underlying health condition. In most of the cases, there are many ways to treat hair fall in both men and women.

Let’s quickly have a look on some of the common and not so common hair fall causes:

Physical Stress: Physical stress like surgery, car accident, trauma, severe illness or even the flue can cause some temporary hair fall and hair thinning. This happens because it triggers the hair loss syndrome called telogen effluvium. Hair also has its life cycle which starts from a growth phase, rest phase and lastly the shredding phase. Therefore, whenever that you have a stressful event, it can shook the hair life cycle that pushes it more towards the shredding phase.

Too much intake of Vitamin A:  According to a study by American Academy of Dermatology, over doing of Vitamin A and consuming its supplements can trigger hair loss. Although, you need not to worry much about it, as once the excess of Vitamin A is halted in the body, the hair retains its normal growth and start growing naturally.

Lack of Protein Intake:  If your diet is not providing you with the required amount of protein in the body, it will ration he protein by shredding hair strands and a reduced hair growth. This usually happens, after two – three months of protein drop in the body. To prevent this, start consuming diet which is full of protein such as fish, meat, eggs and pulses.

Male Pattern Baldness: Due to male pattern baldness, almost two in three men start experiencing hair loss by the age of 60. This type of baldness is usually the result of male hormones and genes that is generally followed by a pattern in which the hair starts receding from the temples, giving it M Shape.

Pregnancy: Pregnancy is one of the kinds of physical stress and can cause you to lose your hair. This pregnancy elated hair loss is usually seen after the delivery of the baby than from the actual pregnancy period. If you are pregnant or just delivered a baby, rest assured that you will start having your normal hair growth after a couple of months.

Female Hormones: Just like in pregnancy, there are other female hormones that may cause you hair fall and hair thinning. The change in hormonal balance at the time of menopause can also lead to hairfall. Also, if you someone in your family suffering from this condition, then you are also likely to suffer from hair fall due to genetic hormones.

When you actually know the causes behind your routine hair fall, you can easily choose for the best preventive option available for you.

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