Phlebotomists are the medical staffs who are responsible for drawing blood from the patients. They are normally placed in state or federal hospitals, private clinics or laboratories. This is an entry level position in the medical field which leads to more complex careers like registered nurses or even doctors. It is the basic step that helps you decide whether the medical field and working with patients is the right career for you. The rising number of online courses on phlebotomy provides easy entry in the field of healthcare and helps you think of it as a promising career.Nowadays, most of us have a busy schedule and accommodating a full time course becomes really a challenge. Hence, you can easily opt for these online phlebotomy certification courses that easily fit in your schedule. These compact courses also promise you a stable job in a very short span of time.

The eligibility criteria

A phlebotomist is expected to work directly with the patients in any kind of healthcare setup. After undergoing any phlebotomy training, the hospitals, clinics or other medical institutions will employ you to serve the patients. You need to be very efficient and cautious while collecting the blood samples.As a responsible phlebotomist, you also need to take a lot of precautionary measures while sending out the sample for testing. If you are not ready to spend too much on your education then this position is just perfect for you. Sometimes after finishing off your training session you are also sent to the hospitals and nursing homes for some hands-on experience. But the following pre-requisites need to be followed before you enroll for the online classes:

       · Your age should be at least 18 years or above

       ·  A high school diploma is a must

       ·  You should not have any history of any criminal offense

The duration

The best thing about online courses is that they can be completed at your own pace. Some may finish it off in just a few months while others might spread the entire course throughout the entire year. It entirely depends on the candidate. This flexibility makes the process a lot easy. On an average it takes about four to six weeks to complete the course, excluding the time required to be spent on on-site clinical training. To get a national certification, you have to undergo 120 hours of hands-on clinical training that adds up to an additional of another three weeks. To fit this into your schedule, normally the on-site training program is split up and not done continuously.

The cost factor

If you feel you have a keen interest in taking up phlebotomy as your career, then you can initially start up with the free phlebotomy training courses available in the internet. The training expense as a whole is quite reasonable that typically ranges from 1,000 to 4,000 dollars. But this depends on the type of program and from where you decide to take it. However, the rough duration of this training is normally less than a year if you choose to get it done online.

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