Firstly, an explanation

Nereda® is an innovative technology in the wastewater treatment industry. So when you hear Nereda® you can be certain that a truly advanced process is being referred to. The process involves the treatment of wastewater using the unique features of aerobic granular biomass. The features of what, you ask. It’s simple: Nereda produces a granular sludge instead of the conventional floc-type sludge found in a conventional activated sludge plant. This granular sludge has excellent settling properties. So there you have it.

What are the benefits of this technology?

Addressing certain wastewater backlogs means addressing some primary challenges – and that’s where Nereda® comes in. Nereda® is a compelling proposition for municipalities as it is a cost-effective solution that adds treatment capacity to the respective regions.

Budget and capacity constraints are issues that municipalities and the like are familiar with. Energy consumption is another major contributor to operational costs especially given South Africa’s escalating electricity prices. Even land use is a concern; space has to be optimised for any plant to perform optimally. But it’s not all bad news.

Nereda® takes all of this into account. Compared to a conventional bulk sewage treatment plant, Nereda® takes up about half of the space thanks to its sleek design but more specifically, thanks to its innovative process which allows for a more compact system: Nereda® requires just one tank to perform all its operations whereas other technologies utilise a great deal more tanks in comparison. The outside design is optimised, yes, but it is Nereda’s advanced process which allows for operation with significantly less tankage. Less space also means a reduction in the capital investment because the plant is physically smaller. And despite the fact that less space is used, effluent treatment quality is not compromised. It is an ideal solution to the extension of existing municipal sewage treatment plants and the establishment of new ones.

Where else is it being used?

Nereda® sewage treatment technology is now being used in Sweden too; the country is currently one of the most recent adopters. The municipality of Strömstad confirms that the Swedish town sees a lot of tourists during the summer months which causes the volume of wastewater to rise. Fortunately, Nereda®“has been tried and tested all over the world, from hot and arid conditions in South Africa to very cold winters in Poland” so it was clear that lower temperatures in Sweden during its winter would not present a problem.

“Several different types of wastewater treatment technology were considered before being rejected in favour of Nereda, which is a natural sewage treatment process that purifies water without chemicals by using the patented aerobic granular sludge technology.”

This technology is reliable and what is particularly remarkable is that it can be implemented on a large scale.

Source: Sweden Opens the Door to Nereda Wastewater Treatment

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