How active were you while young? And how active are you now? Most often as we age, it becomes a bit hard to perfectly execute some of the activities we used to do during our earlier stages in life. Sex is one of the basic needs of a man; it is very crucial for one to be able to rise to the occasion in between the sheets. Failure to fully satisfy your partner may lead to depression, loss of dignity and respect.

Erectile Dysfunction can be caused by many factors such as depression, diabetes, hypertension, obesity among others. Early detection of the symptoms of ED can bring your smile back with no time. After proper consultation with your doctor, you can easily buy ED medications online for treatment.

 If you have Erectile Dysfunction, it is not over yet! You can still be on top of the game by following the following home remedies;

  1. Be committed to your kegel exercises

Kegels are a big deal! Many men have testified that it has worked out for them, why not for you?  Kegel exercises focus mainly on the pelvic area. It involves strengthening the muscles (bulb cavernous) around the pelvic floor in order to improve your sexual health. Being consistent by doing these exercises twice or thrice a day will enable your penis to stay erect for a reasonable period of time, pump blood during ejaculation and aid during urination to empty the urethra.

  1. Watch your diet

Garbage in garbage out- What you offer your body is what your body will offer you. Be very careful on the foods you take; eat healthy unprocessed foods that are rich in vitamin D to boost your testosterone levels, reduce on your intake of refined grains and processed meat and reduce your consumption of alcohol and smoking cigarettes.

  1. Cardio activity

Cardio activity such as walking, jogging, swimming among others increases the circulation of blood in your body and also helps you lose weight. Being on the move will bring back life to your sexual health as blood will easily flow to your penis making it erect during sex.

  1. Don’t worry, be happy!

As much as you might be worried that she might dump you, assure her that you are working on it. Keep off stress, do what makes you happy and uplifts your mood. You will be surprised at how much you and your partner will enjoy sex when the right mood is set.

  1. Keep your phone out off your pocket

By all means, avoid having your cell phone in your pocket. Studies have shown that putting cell phones in your trouser pocket affects the production of testosterone in men hence causing ED.

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