It started with a back injury. You were in a car accident that fractured discs in your back. You were prescribed opioids to deal with the pain. When you were finally discharged to go home, you looked forward to a future of recovery as you took your life back. You never expected the overwhelming pain that would come with physical therapy. You tried your best to work through it, but needed more prescription medications like Oxycontin to get through the day. You finished therapy only to find that your pain was still a constant companion. You couldn’t endure a day without some type of medication to take the edge off. Your pain is with you in the morning and it is with you when you crawl into bed, stealing the quality sleep you need to get up and fight for another day. Oxycontin is with you every day as well. It’s not going away.

You’ve Joined the Growing Number of Victims of Opioid Addiction

You never thought the Kentucky Opioid Epidemic would arrive at your doorstep, but here it is. It isn’t your fault that you were the victim of a serious car accident that could have taken your life. You aren’t to blame for the Oxycontin addiction that is now a threat to your well-being. You didn’t ask for a medication that is a narcotic and highly addictive. Now you find yourself dependent on a painkiller to endure each day that lived in the shadow of debilitating pain. The problem is you can’t kick the pills.

Opioids are Running Your Life

You knew you were in trouble the first time you ran out of refills for your prescription. You found that you were desperate to get more. The cravings were unbearable. You couldn’t go to work or concentrate on anything else. When you finally went to the doctor to get a new prescription, you found yourself taking double the amount to get the same effects. You stopped going out or doing anything enjoyable. Your focus in life narrowed to that bottle of pills in your medicine cabinet. You found yourself timing the next dose, taking them sooner every time. You began to have bouts of constipation and nausea. You lived in an endless cycle of pain and the effects of an opioid that was no longer working to ease your suffering. When you tried to stop, the consequences were serious.

Withdrawal Was Your Worst Nightmare

After an intervention from family and friends, you took a hard look at your life. You decided it was time to get off the Oxycontin roller coaster. You quit cold turkey and lived to regret it. You felt like you had the worst case of the flu in your life. Your entire body ached. You were restless, your eyes ran, and you perspired heavily. Your heart started beating so fast, it felt like it was out of control. Vomiting and diarrhea sent you to the bathroom over and over again. Cramps left you curled up on the floor. You thought you were going to die. By the second day, you started taking more pills.

Don’t Face Opioid Addiction Alone

You already know how hard it is to overcome opioid addiction. It’s time you turned to drug rehab centers in Kentucky in like JourneyPure Bowling Green. You’ll receive comprehensive care that will guide you through every stage of recovery. You’ll begin with detox, receive individual therapy to concentrate on the best strategies to overcome your dependency on Oxycontin, and join others in group counseling to prove you are not alone in this fight. Aftercare is another key component of your program that will ensure you are given the tools you need to live a life that is free from addiction. Learn about healthy coping strategies that can help you to manage your pain. Find solutions that will actually make that pain go away. Most importantly of all, let the experts at JourneyPure Bowling Green give you the care and compassion that you deserve. The team of highly trained individuals who will be providing you with care know what your body is going through and how you can conquer your addiction.

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