Better healthcare and medical facilities is the need of the house, and it’s a concern that impacts all nations of the world. We all probably know about the benefits of technology for the medical world, but the new-age trends in medical technology are worth noting. Reports suggest that the industry is expected to grow significantly in the next few years, reaching the 467-billion mark in 2020. The sharp rise in use of augmented reality, mobile apps and VR is something worth noting. Medtree – A leading distributor of first aid kits and medical supplies talks about the tech trends that will probably have more significance in the future.

3D Printing

The use of 3D Printing has extended beyond producing external prostheses and basic medical products. 3D Printing has the scope of being used instrumentation and specific implants, and many known companies and start-ups are investing in this field. Organovo is a company that’s printing human tissues using this tech for research.


QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute conducted the largest skin cancer study involving 45,000 people with skin cancer, to create an accurate online test. The test predicts the possible chance of a person developing melanoma in the next 3.5 years, with the hope that fatalities can be prevented drastically.

Augmented Reality

The effective use of Augmented Reality for medical surgery is something experts are vouching for, and touch surgery is one of the pioneering aspects of this technology. Medics can how have the step-by-step guide for surgical procedures, and AR will guide on such procedures must be performed. Also notable is the use of Microsoft HoloLens AR glasses for reconstructive surgery in recent years.

Clinical Skills App

Medtree has designed the free Clinical Skills App, which empowers physicians and clinicians to record skills and clinical interventions. Instead of following the standard process of noting clinical interventions, the app allows medics to document their work, including details related to wound management and drug prescriptions & administration. New features are expected to be added soon, and Medtree has promised personalisation choices.


The company – Zipline started the idea of having the first national drone delivery network, and it is believed that drones may have a prominent and extensive role in delivering medical supplies. This is more important for areas that have poor or no access to basic healthcare facilities. In fact, drones have been used in limited capacities to reach patients in remote areas.

Digital Stethoscopes

Not to forget, digital stethoscopes have changed the ways GPs diagnose patients. From amplifying the sound to recording audio, digital stethoscopes can do a lot more and can be instrumental in better diagnosis.

It’s easy to understand why technology is so relevant and important for medicine. With effective use and adequate investment, things will get better for the healthcare world.

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