Cannabis, also medicinal cannabis, is an irritant. There are many prejudices about the plant and its effects. Above all, the often unclear information situation is to blame. Medical cannabis has been used successfully for years in the treatment of anxiety disorders. At the same time, cannabis may in certain cases trigger anxiety such as psychosis, paranoia, and hallucinations. An apparent contradiction, but these different modes of action are explainable.

Sharp Debate Over Medical Cannabis

Since March 2017, cannabis is prescribed as medicine in most countries without a special permit. Previously cannabis should be prescribed only in rare cases under strict conditions. With the approval of cannabis as a drug also the social discussion intensified. Anxiety disorders and psychosis as a result of increased cannabis use are repeatedly cited by cannabis opponents in the often heated debate. According to the knowledge portal Leafly, special cannabis strains have a soothing effect and can be successfully used to treat anxiety disorders.

With CBD Against the Fear

Fear is an important evolutionary trait. It is a protective feature that enhances skills needed in threat situations, such as making fear more attentive and responsive. In anxiety disorders, there are excessive anxiety states without a threat situation. Someone suffering from an anxiety disorder is scared, though there is no good reason for it. The anxiety disorder is often linked to certain experiences and memories that implied a profound sense of anxiety. The fear increases because it could not be processed. In order to solve this fear, a workup must be done so that the fixed feeling of fear can be “forgotten.” Research shows that this can be successfully achieved with CBD oil for treating anxiety in many patients.

A Sober Debate is Necessary

In the discussion about medical cannabis, a question becomes clear which otherwise might be too rare in connection with drugs. Side effects, dependence, and consequential damage are socially part of a taboo subject. One substance can be helpful in many cases, but harmful in other cases, and many different factors play a role. The topic of cannabis is often viewed as exaggerated in the media, while conservative and progressive positions are usually represented with particular severity. In addition, the parallel use of cannabis as a medicine and as a drug complicates dealing with the issue.

Flat-rate statements are more misleading than helpful, as they bypass the complexity of the subject. Representatives of affirmative and contrarian positions can learn from each other when ideological hurdles are overcome. A sober, scientifically guided debate will be supported in the future by further studies and objectify the discussion on the subject of cannabis.

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