One of the main problems with weight loss is time. This is not something you can achieve overnight, you have to work on it. However, we live in a society where instant results are required and, of course, losing weight is often a big problem and not an attractive option for many people.

In the weight loss market, there is obviously a gap in the market, and as a result, a new generation of dietary supplements has been the cause of weight loss.

One of them, in particular, is a carbohydrate blocker or a starch blocker, as they are also known.

So, the thesis of carbohydrate blockers can help you lose weight? Let’s dive and discover:

What are blocking carburetors?

Kidney beans benefits and side effects are dietary supplements that contain wheat germ extracts. Wheat germs block digestive enzymes that are responsible for the destruction and absorption of carbohydrates.

Therefore, your body can not absorb the calories of carbohydrates. Instead, they are removed from the body as waste.

decrease the absorption of carbohydrates

Why carbohydrates?

The carbohydrates in pasta, rice bread and potatoes affect the increase in blood sugar levels. This releases more insulin into the blood to remove excess sugar, which is then stored as fat. If you can maintain blood sugar levels, you are less prone to weight.

Unfortunately, carbohydrates make up the bulk of the Western-style diet, which means that it is very likely that you may have a soft spot for certain carbohydrate products, such as bread. If so, starch blockers can help you with your carburetors.

Are there any side effects?

In general, no significant carb blocker side effects were reported, due to natural ingredients, instead of chemicals, used in carburetor blockers.

The side effects that occur are mostly individual and are often associated with swelling, excessive wind and nausea. In its defense, the state of the supplement of these types of side effects is a good sign that the ingredients work and have an effect.

Other issues to consider

Because carbohydrate blockers prevent the absorption of carbohydrates, they can also interfere with the absorption of other nutrients in the foods you eat.

Also, these starch blockers do not absorb all the carbohydrates you consume, but only a percentage. Therefore, taking these supplements is not an excuse to eat more carbohydrates.

It is also important to keep in mind that carbohydrate blockers do not absorb fats or proteins.

How they work

So far, research on whether or not carburetor blockers have been conclusive. One study showed promising results in the fact that taking large doses may decrease the absorption of carbohydrates, but there is no clear evidence that they can cause you to lose weight.


Honestly, there’s still no evidence that carbohydrate blockers deserve investment. There are encouraging studies that show that it can have a positive, but not direct, effect on your weight. The fact is that you are not going to lose weight by simply taking the carbohydrate blockers yourself.

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