Premium quality handpiece parts are pretty hard to find if you want all the best qualities for your dental spare parts: great material, a qualified manufacturer and rational prices.

This is why you have all the reasons to choose Dental rotors when you decide to buy dental equipment online or buy spare parts for the equipment you already have.

The materials used for the handpiece parts are the best in the field, perfectly functional at all temperatures, in harsh conditions and for a long-term use.

Dental rotors gives you a large list of options, so you could choose the manufacturer that will suit your needs perfectly. You can find on the website rotors for Bien Air,B.A. International, Castellini,EMS,Faro, Fona, KaVo, Midwest, Mk-dent,Morita, NSK, Siemens, Satelec,Saeshin &Marathon, Sirona, Star,Sci-Can, and W&H.

The prices are important for any purchase. If you decide to buy dental equipment online, you’ll have the tough task of comparing prices and making choices based on the quality-price relationship. You’ll appreciate the price list offered by Dental rotors, as they already considered everything and stopped at the best level.

So, if you still have doubts, check out the advantages you’ll have if you choose Dental rotors.

  • You will obtain the spare parts that will make a real difference to the performance of your equipment.
  • Great offers and rational prices, without losing quality.
  • Steadily higher speeds, especially with ceramic dental bearings.
  • Reliable operation, impeccable at any time and under any conditions.
  • Reduced vibration and lower noise, which will be highly appreciated by your patients.
  • Reduced wear and longer lifespan, due to the excellent materials and the exquisite process of creation.
  • A lower need for lubricants and additional materials, due to the latest technology in producing dental spare parts.
  • Fewer service costs in the future and lower prices for devoted clients.
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