If you are suffering from a hand condition or hand injury, you might need hand surgery to find any relief. But it could be a scary thought to go into hand surgery. Fortunately, with a new innovative approach, you can decrease your chances of serious risks when it comes to hand surgery while finding immediate relief.

New Approach

Minimally invasive hand surgery is the newest approach to hand surgery. And the state of the art treatment is offered exclusively at the Fitzmaurice Hand Institute, home to Dr. Fitzmaurice, best hand surgeon in Chandler and surrounding areas. The Endotech nerve release system approach was developed in Arizona by Dr. Fitzmaurice and delivers fast relief with less surgical risks. Due to remarkable visualization and extreme clarity, this leading edge technology is the safest approach. There has been a high success rate and it has been proven to be extremely effective with zero complications.


Most hand surgery techniques require a large incision, leaving more room for surgical error. With the Endotech approach, only a small incision is needed, leaving surrounded tissues unharmed and leaving you with less pain. Plus, it only requires a small band aid as bandage and the recovery time is expected to be only 1 week, compared to 6 to 8 weeks with other hand surgery options.

 Different Types of Hand Injuries

There are a number of hand injuries that you can experience and the Endotech approach is especially helpful for common hand syndromes.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is the most common cause of nerve compression in the arm. The compressed nerve causes pain, numbness and weakness. As top carpal tunnel doctor in Chandler, Dr. Fitzmaurice offers the Endotech carpal tunnel surgery. The approach uses only a 1 centimeter incision using a small band aid as bandage and with no need for suture removal, which leaves less scarring. The traditional hand surgical approach can be intense with lots of room for surgical error due to the large incision used. Most of the time, additional surgery is required. The Endotech approach for carpal tunnel syndrome is the safest technique and reduces the chance of needing more surgery by finding relief right away.

Dupuytren’s Contracture

Dupuytren’s contracture involves the tissues over the palm, in the flexible area of the skin near the base of the joints and the fingers. Abnormal tissues develops in the area of the joints and can extend to the fingers causing pits, nodules and cords to form leading the finger to be pulled inward towards the palm. Men over the age of 40 are more prone to developing this condition, but it is also caused by heredity, ancestry and age. The Endotech approach for Dupuytren’s contracture requires only a tiny incision, compared to a much larger incision with traditional hand surgery. The recovery time is much quicker and easier, with no need for a splint and  the approval to return to activity immediately. This approach can be done under local anesthesia and leaves less scarring. The surgeon removes the abnormal tissues instead of just dividing it and leaving it in the hand, which reduces the chance of reoccurrence.

Cubital tunnel syndrome

Cubital tunnel syndrome is the second most common nerve compression syndrome. It occurs when the funny bone area experiences pressure or stretching that can cause numbness or tingling. Unlike other hand surgery approaches, the Endotech approach requires only a 1 centimeter incision with minimal pain and no need for a splint during recovery. You will be able to have immediate motion in your arm and the recovery time is only 1 week compared to 3 to 6 weeks.


Have an emergency hand issue? You can get the same safe results with same day surgery offered at the Dr. Fitzmaurice’s Hand and Wrist Urgent Care, the only place to go with a hand emergency Arizona. Patients can get a consult, diagnosis and treatment in the same day with sophisticated and state of the art equipment. Hand injuries that might require a visit to Hand and Wrist Urgent Care include lacerations, fractures, contusions or dislocations.

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