Drug addiction often starts very early in life. Either due to stress or peer pressure, teenagers and young adults, are often thrown into a life of drugs by those already addicted. The lack of better counselling and education makes it even worse. Soon, it becomes a part of their lives and is an expensive habit to have apart from being life damaging and threatening. If you have a loved one who is probably in the wrong company and is ‘trying out’ drugs, make sure that you give them proper guidance and counselling so that the problem can be averted and controlled in the very beginning.

The drug problem in high school

There are a lot of changes that happen in one’s life when they enter high school. It is a time of self-discovery, hormonal changes and a lot of growth. With the right environment, children can grow up to become responsible adults that contribute to the society. However, high schools also give students a lot of opportunities to turn the other way. Teenagers get into drugs as a result of bullying, or as a means of becoming more popular as the amount of stress increases. While only some may be able to quit, a lot of them keep getting lost in the abyss of drug abuse. In the US alone, marijuana is the most commonly sold and used drug among high school students.

Dealing with the problem the right way

Identifying the problem is just one part; adults need to understand the importance and the means of dealing with it. On the one hand, you want to curb the use of drugs and henceforth abuse right at the very beginning. On the other, for those who are already addicted, you want to help them get better either through rehab facilities such as those at Barrie medical detox centre or through guidance and counselling sessions.

Curbing the use needs to be met with intense counselling sessions highlighting the after effects of substance abuse and the role that it plays in ruining someone’s life. Right from the beginning, students need to be made aware of all these things, but at the same time, their concerns regarding the stress of the daily life need to be understood and dealt with. Instead of telling them off, as adults, we need to understand and explain the scenario or tell them how to deal with problems meaningfully – rather than turning to the ‘easy way out of drug abuse.’

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