One of the most commonly occurring cancer in India is the Breast cancer and has proven to be a deadly disease. It is generally associated with women, but men are also prone to this disease. A study shows breast cancer is the second most diagnosed cancer in women after lung cancer. The chances of women dying of breast cancer are 1 in every 37 women.

Generally, this cancer is marked by a thickened lump in the breast that can be felt and viewed in an x-ray. If one encounters anything like this, they should soon rush to the doctor and get it checked. Other than lumps, here are some common symptoms associated with it:

  • Any kind of peeling and flaking on breasts
  • An abnormal change in size and shape of any breast
  • Rashes around the nipple area
  • A redness around the breast skin
  • A pain in the breast or in the armpits that do not change with the monthly cycle
  • An inward sunken nipple
  • Any kind of discharge from the nipple, possibly containing blood

There are a number of breast cancer treatments available today. After diagnosing, your physician can evaluate what stage of the disease you are in, and then build a remission program for you. This might contain 1, 2 or a combination of many therapies in your treatment program. Some popular treatments are listed below:


Right after the cancer is diagnosed, the treatment follows some type of minor or major surgery. The magnitude of this surgery depends on what stage the patient is in. The motive behind the surgery is to remove the tumor with some healthy tissue surrounding it. This will make sure; no tumorous cells are left behind. After the surgery, the breasts appearance is left similar to what they were before the surgery. Another, form of this surgery is the breast removal. This procedure involves, surgically removing of the breast followed by a delayed or consecutive breast reconstruction surgery. This surgery is more popular than its counterpart.

Radiation Therapy-

Radiation therapy uses high energy UV rays to shrink the size of the tumor. This therapy is performed before the surgery, to downsize the tumor cells as much as possible so that minimum tissue removal is ensured.  This therapy is often used post a surgery to ensure there are no cancer cells left.


Chemotherapy works in the same way as radiation does. Intense medication is used to harm the DNA of the cancer cells and remove their ability to multiply. The medication is injected into the bloodstream through the spine. It then attacks any cancerous cells in the body. In some cases, these medications could be consumed orally in tablet form.

Targeted Therapy for Breast Cancer-

After vast research, the medical industry has formed special drugs which target only the cancer cells. Unlike chemotherapy, they do not attack the healthy cells of a body. It is fast becoming a popular treatment choice as it shows better remission than chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

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