The symptoms ofpcos can be numerous. Few of the common symptoms are as follows:

  1. Issues related to Fertility
  2. Irregular Periods
  3. Hair Loss
  4. Weight Gain

It is not necessary that a single individual will have all the symptoms and this is what makes the inspection process difficult.

It is not okay to take light to thick black hair growing on the faces, breast, lower abdomen, and back, the upper part of the arm or upper part of the foot in women. This happens due to hormonal disturbances. The common cause of this is polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). PCOSis often the result of an irregular menstrual cycle due to hormonal imbalances in the woman’s body.

Let’s talk about some similar facts related to PCOS, which probably women do not know about. But every healthy woman should know about it.

  1. The risk of diabetes with PCOS

One of the symptoms of PCOS is insulin resistance. This is the method of sugary procedures in your body, which can lead to diabetes later on. To avoid the high sugar-processed foods when there is a problem with PCOS.

  1. Depression Threat from PCOS

Many women are not aware that depression is also a symptom of PCOS. So if you feel relieved in sleep, eating and rest, or you feel sad or depressed all the time, then consult your doctor. These may be the starting signs of depression.

  1. PCOS can increase the problem without medical assistance

There is no shame in the problem of PCOS. It is advisable to seek medical help when symptoms of the problem appear. By taking correct and persistent medication, you can better deal and stop the problem of PCOS.

  1. You can still conceive

Many women worry about this, or can they conceive after having problems with PCOS? Well, according to medical science, women suffering from PCOS may have difficulty in conceiving, but this is not impossible. In fact, you can also have a normal delivery.

  1. Diet and exercise are very important

Regular drug, diet and exercise have a major role in the treatment of PCOS cure effectively. Protein-rich foods and herbs like garlic, ginger and basil help in maintaining insulin levels. A regular 30-minute walk helps you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  1. PCOS is not a full life

Many doctors believe that PCOS cannot be cured. It can be controlled only by spoiling. This is not the case in all such cases. Many women, PCOS can be treated with proper medication and healthy lifestyle.

  1. You are not alone

PCOS is often a common problem of women due to the busy lifestyle and unhealthy diet. With the medical and balanced amounts, sugar intake can control and treat PCOS.

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