A good cockroach killer is a must if you have even a single cockroach in your house – because you will soon have a full-blown infestation if you don’t take quick action!

They are the creepiest, grossest pests ever – and they’re in your house!

Cockroaches give you a sick feeling every time you think of them, and to imagine that your home may be harbouring them is a ghastly idea. They hide in warm, moist corners and multiply rapidly. Soon, you may have a major roach infestation on your hands – try as you might, you just cannot rid your house of them!

Don’t fret – arm yourself with a good cockroach killer like Mortein and get to work ridding your house of this crawling menace. And if you thought that cockroaches are merely creepy but harmless, this is why you need to get rid of them pronto –

#1 They contaminate your food and drink. The primary reason why cockroaches should be discouraged from setting up home inside your house, is that they contaminate exposed food and drink. The tiny hairs on their feet trap microscopic germs, most of them being Salmonella – this causes digestive upsets, typhoid and severe food poisoning. They also release pathogens that cause food contamination. When you get rid of cockroaches from the house, the incidence of food contamination-related illnesses and infections goes down dramatically. This also applies to eating out at hygienic restaurants that have clean kitchens.

#2 They may enter your body! Roaches look for warm, dark places to hide in. There have been documented cases of roach babies entering the human body through the ears and nose while humans sleep. Roaches can survive without food for long periods of time, and they can set up a mini-colony inside the ear canal.

#3 Some species of cockroaches can also bite and cause infections. There are certain species of cockroaches that can bite and cause a small amount of inflammation on the surface of the skin. They also feed on open wounds and bite the area, thus causing more infection. If there is a roach infestation in your house, do take care to keep all open wounds on yourself or your loved ones covered so that there is no incidence of a roach bite to compound the problem.

#4 They trigger respiratory distress. Cockroaches are bad news for asthmatics, those suffering from skin rashes and allergies, etc. Roaches release allergens that can exacerbate respiratory distress. If you or a loved one suffers from any of these conditions, use a good cockroach killer to keep the harmful roaches at bay.

#5 They spread dirt and germs. Cockroaches thrive on trash, scum inside drains and gutters and every other gross thing you can think of. Now just imagine – a cockroach that has walked the annals of filth then enters your home and walks everywhere – on the kitchen counters, on exposed cutlery and crockery, your footwear and clothes drying on the pegs…there is no limit to how many germs and dirt they can spread just by moving around your house. They also cause disease and spread of germs by leaving droppings everywhere. These same germs are then unwittingly transmitted to you.

So how do you get rid of them?

All you need is a can of MorteinNaturgard cockroach killer spray to rid your house of the cockroach menace forever. MorteinNaturgard is a potent cockroach killer that gets cockroaches – both crawling and flying – up to twice as fast as other sprays.

  • Shake the can and hold it upright while spraying
  • Close the doors and windows and spray in the air for the product to settle in all corners of the room
  • Use the cockroach killer spray directly on the cockroach for fast results
  • Find where the roaches have made their nest in your home. The most likely spots are hidden corners in the bathroom, or the dark space under the sink, or behind disused furniture. Use the Mortein cockroach killer liberally on the nest, making sure to spray the babies and any eggs you might come across as well
  • Before you turn in for the night, use the spray on the bathroom drain and kitchen sink – these are common areas of entry for roaches
  • Use the cockroach killer spray almost daily till the infestation is eliminated. But be on your guard – cockroaches are always attracted to human habitation, so keeping a cockroach spray handy at all times is a good idea.
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