Breast enlargement in today’s world is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery done by plastic surgeons. This procedure is usually done by celebrities as they would require to improve their looks for their own stardom. However, not only celebrities can do it, even normal people like you and I can get our breast enlarged. Nowadays, many female would love to get their breast done or in other words get a ‘boob job’. There are plenty of ways one can achieve the desired breast size. It all depends on the amount they are willing to spend as well as the patience they have. There is also a common misconception that follows this procedure that is the method helps to make the breast as big as we would want it. Well, that is not possible because the breast size would be determined by the doctor as it has to be taken into consideration the weight, the height and the body circumference of the patient. So, it definitely cannot just give everyone large breast. Following are a few techniques that can help with breast enlargement.

  1. Hormone. There are two types of hormones that are produced naturally by the body to enhance the size of the breast. However, these hormones can also be taken by synthetic means to increase breast growth. These hormones can only be taken under the supervision of a medical personnel to avoid any unwanted complications. The hormones responsible for the increase in breast size are progestin and estrogen. These two hormones when produced by our body naturally can help increase the size of the breast progressively.
  2. Pills and Creams. There are quite a number of pills and creams sold in the market nowadays that can be used for breast enhancement. There are no surgical intervention involve in this usage so there is no stress thinking of it. When the cream is regularly applied on the breast as well as the pill is taken regularly and not skipped, the improvement in breast size can be noticed. The cream ought to be rubbed on the breast thoroughly and massaged until absorbed by skin for more effective results.
  3. Surgical Implants. This is an invasive procedure whereby the implants are installed into the breast tissue for breast enhancement. The type of implants that are commonly used are saline implant and silicone implants. This procedure should only be done by a professional plastic surgeon to avoid any unwanted complications. This procedure is proven a success and is used worldwide by many people and is considered one of the most common breast enlargement technique used. Many consider this procedure for breast enlargement as it shows us effective results almost immediately after the procedure.
  4. Fat Transfer. This is another procedure used to achieve the desired breast size. In this procedure, donor fat tissues are transferred to the patient in order to achieve the desired breast size. However, this procedure is less favored compared to breast implants because there is only a certain size that can be reached with fat transfer. If a bigger breast size is desired, it is best to combine this procedure with others.

All these procedures may have their own advantages and disadvantages. so it is best to discuss with a professional regarding the pros and cons before proceeding further. However, some might look at it as a self esteem booster. If the procedure help them improve their appearance then they might feel more confidence and nothing is more sexier than a person wearing their own confidence. However, in breast enlargement one should always remember bigger does not always mean better.

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