Drug abuse has been a rampant problem in the modern world. Statistics indicate that the number of young people who abuse drugs is on the rise. However, they are varying reasons why people engage in substance abuse. Some turn to drugs when they are faced with challenges in their lives while others do it for fun.

Drug addicts end up at the drug rehab Lancaster County as they try to regain control over their lives. Some of them suffer from mental illness and injuries that occurred as a result of substance abuse. Here are four main reasons why people abuse drugs.

To Relieve Stress

Today, the world is full of stress and other strains. Some of the leading causes of stress include household and family issues and work-related pressure. Most people resort to using drugs as a means of relaxation. They tend to think that by using drugs and alcohol, the storm in their mind will cool down. Although some medical practitioners will recommend the use of certain drugs as stress relievers, turning to illegal substances can be costly and addictive.


Human beings are curious by nature. Most individuals experiment with drugs since they are curious about the results and what will happen after that. It’s something that is taken for granted by most people since they just want to experiment and know how other drug users feel about it. However, curiosity may lead to addiction especially in cases where the individual develops a habit of trying out the drugs from time to time.

Peer Pressure

This is a dominant force that can be experienced at any stage of life. Peer pressure is most common among the youth, especially during adolescence. At this time, kids are trying to discover who they are and tend to test everything that comes their way. They have the desire to live like their friends and do what their friends tend to do.

It’s tough for them to say no to drugs since they believe that saying no has dire consequences within their social circles. Being against your peers can lead to humiliation, rejection, and being bullied all the time. Drug abuse commonly begins by trying it out at a gathering or a party which eventually continues leading to addiction and abuse. When you reach the addiction stage, it becomes challenging to trace your way back unless you seek help from¬†Lancaster Rehabilitation Center.

Alcohol and Some Other Drugs are Legal

The law permits adults to drink alcohol. In some cases, people abuse such privileges and over consume it leading to alcohol addiction. Some people also expose their children to alcohol at a tender age leading to alcohol addiction. Other drugs are also obtained as over-the-counter drugs, but people end up overusing them in the hope of achieving certain feelings. A drug overdose can lead to addiction to other related substances such as heroin and cocaine.

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