Is Hair Loss Normal?

Is Hair Loss Normal? 7 Signs You’re Losing Hair

When you start noticing more hair in your brush or the shower drain, you might be alarmed. That thick head of hair you’ve always had might be thinning out, which means it’s time to worry about why this is happening and what you can do about it. Many men and women think that hair loss is entirely average as they age, but this isn’t true at all. With these ten signs that you’re losing hair, you can tell if you have an issue or not and what to do about it.

1) Hair When You Wake Up

is hair loss normal


If you’re in your twenties, it might be expected for you to see a few strands of hair on your pillow when you wake up. But if you’re in your thirties or beyond and are still seeing a lot of hair on your pillowcase in the morning, that could be cause for concern. Men generally lose about 100-150 hairs per day, but most women lose 50-100 strands daily.

2) Seeing Lots of Hair In Your Brush


is hair loss normal

If you’re concerned about hair loss, your first instinct might be to start counting strands in your brush or bathroom drain. While it’s not an excellent way to get an accurate reading of how much hair you’re losing (at least 20 percent of your scalp hairs die naturally each day), seeing lots of hair in your brush does suggest that more is falling out than usual.

3) Thinning on the Top of Your Head


is hair loss normal

Thinning on top of your head is one of those hair problems men don’t talk about, but it’s common among guys. It can happen naturally as you age or due to stress, poor diet, or illness. For example, if you have an iron deficiency, it can thin out your hair at any age. High levels of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) cause male pattern baldness for many men over 50 years old.

4) Bald Spots or Missing Hair

is hair loss normal

Hair loss occurs when new hair doesn’t grow as quickly as old hair falls out. This often happens in cycles, and it’s usually temporary—though some cases of balding are permanent. (In rare instances, balding is caused by an underlying health problem.)So while you might notice a few stray hairs on your comb or brush, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re losing hair overall.

5) Extra Fine, Weak, or Thinning Hair

is hair loss normal

If you’re experiencing thinning or weakening hair in any way, consider changing your shampoo and conditioner to something a little more gentle. Use SLS-free products this stands for sodium lauryl sulfate, which is an irritant for some people.

6) Greasy, Flaky Scalp

is hair loss normal

A greasy, flaky scalp is a red flag if you’re trying to treat or prevent hair loss. By making sure your hair and scalp are clean and not over-treated with the product you can avoid too much buildup on your head and keep things running smoothly. If that doesn’t solve your problem, talk to your doctor about other possible causes of dandruff and oily hair, like stress levels and certain medications.

7) Curly, Frizzy, or Brittleness

This is one of those telltale signs of male or female pattern baldness that many people don’t even realize. Notice if your hair curls around naturally, and if it does, determine how tightly it curls. Many women who notice thinning hair also see a loss of curl at first in only one section of their head, then in more and more areas. Many men with thinning hair complain about frizziness or an inability to comb their hair easily after showering.

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