How many hair loss per day?

With an average of 100 to 150 strands per day, the majority of us don’t give hair loss a second thought until we notice more than just a few strands on our pillowcases or in the drain after taking a shower. But why does hair loss happen? Why do we lose hair? How many inches do you lose per day? The answers are not as simple as you might think! Read on to learn more about hair loss and why so many of us experience it at some point in our lives.

What Is Hair Loss?

How many hair loss per day?


Hair loss is a widespread occurrence, affecting men and women of all ages. There are two types of losing hair Male pattern baldness (also known as androgenetic alopecia), which is genetically determined, and female pattern baldness, which occurs for reasons not yet entirely understood. As a rule of thumb, male-pattern baldness tends to affect a higher percentage of men in their twenties; by age 40, about two-thirds have noticeable hair loss.

Factors That Affect Your Hair Loss

How many hair loss per day?


According to one study, in 24 hours, an average person loses anywhere from 50 to 100 strands of hair. This number can vary greatly, depending on your hair type and genetics. Thinner hair tends to shed faster than thicker hair, while men shed more than women. Genetics play a role as well—if your mom had thinning hair when she was younger, you’re more likely to have thinning hair yourself.

Things That Will Increase Your Hair Loss

How many hair loss per day?


While most people associate losing hair with age, other factors influence it. Hair can fall out due to certain medical conditions, environmental factors, and treatment with certain drugs and cosmetics. To determine how many inches are lost daily, let’s take a look at some of these causes of lost hair.

What Can I Do About It?

Lose Hair is usually caused by one of two things: your body shedding more hair than it grows or hair follicles stopping production. If you’re experiencing problems with too much hair in your brush or on your shower drain, there are a few reasons why that could be happening. If you don’t like how much hair is coming out, there are some steps you can take to mitigate it.

Best Supplements For Thinning Hair

While genetics may predispose someone to lose hair, several things can cause your hair to be thin as well. If you are experiencing losing hair, it’s essential to get in touch with a professional. There are prescription drugs that have been shown to help slow or even halt hair loss, but they can come with some nasty side effects. Alternative treatments for thinning hair include vitamin supplements like Folital.

How many hair loss per day?

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