Unless you have been living in the caves, you must have heard of the term called ‘holistic dentistry’. What’s the fuss all about? How does holistic dentistry differ from general dentistry? What are the aspects that matter the most? What is a Holistic Dentist? Holistic is dentistry explained below in detail, with the things you would want to know.

Who is a holistic dentist?

In the simplest terms, holistic dentists are dental experts who believe that all parts of the body work in connection with each other. Basically, they are concerned about the overall health of the patient and focus on dental treatments with the same perspective. When you visit a holistic dentist, he will understand your medical history and possible health concerns, besides knowing the specific dental problems. Your dentist may ask a lot of questions, including queries related to your nutrition, sleeping patterns, and even postures. He will then relate the information with your dental problems and oral concerns, so as to decide the line of treatment.

The importance of holistic dentistry

There are many dentists, who strongly believe in holistic dentistry and practice with the same approach. Our mouth is the main entrance to the respiratory tract, and everything we eat or drink goes through it. Studies have linked oral health to a number of concerns, including cardiovascular disease and a lot of stomach problems. The mouth also serves as the gateway to the digestive system. What you eat and drink impacts the teeth, which is why we have problems related to oral hygiene and care. With holistic dentistry, dentists try to understand how these problems impact one another. It is not just about filling your cavities – It’s much more than that!

How does it differ from general dentistry?

As far as the use of equipment is concerned, holistic dentistry is same as general dentistry. The range of diagnostic care is almost the same.  However, there is a considerable difference in the materials used for treatment. In the ideal situation, dental clinics that practice holistic dentistry will not use Mercury amalgam fillings. There are a few concerns with regards to a root canal treatment, as well. In some cases, root canals are directly associated to a few other body health concerns, and therefore, it is not suggested. However, the facts and aspects may differ. A good holistic dentist is the best person to answer queries, especially when it comes to individual treatments for unique dental problems.

Most holistic dentists use composite resin fillings, which are much safer than Mercury fillings. Also, they focus on treatments that don’t use metal. If you are looking for a clinic in your area for holistic dental care, you have to check their website to better know their services and treatments. As needed, you can take additional recommendations from friends and colleagues, as well. Keep in mind that holistic dentistry is important, but you also need a clinic that genuinely uses the approach for all treatments, and therefore, some level of initial research will come handy.

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